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Useful to big companies with will to improve

This service is intended for customers who wish to expand their online visibility through this well-known Google platform.

The Campaign Specialist is within our team. He will set and monitor the campaign objectives.

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Ad platforms are presumibly the most powerful sponsorship tools on the market today. Over the years they have spread and adapted to become a powerful, but at the same time very complex system, also implementing some algorithms for Artificial Intelligences. Our service allows to set up to a maximum of 2 campaigns. Static, dynamic and/or display ads can be created, depending on the type of product/service to be sponsored, on the advice of the Campaign Manager. The ads you create will be distributed across different types of campaigns, such as Search campaigns or Smart campaigns.

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These kind of platforms usually allow you to sponsor visits to pages of the website, in different forms. This service combines the creation and setting of two campaigns with 2 ad groups each, capable of providing long-term benefits. We remind you that the cost of this service only covers the set up of Ads campaigns and not the actual cost of the campaigns.

“Thanks to their management, we managed to reach an average of ten form contacts per day. Excellent!”

Cristiano ValsaniaSales manager GIESSE SpA


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$458 / month for 12 months

This product has a minimum shelf life of 12 months *

* The time needed to achieve the set goals.

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