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For several years we have been working together with companies operating in the food and tourism sector. We have experienced members who know what the main needs of those who have a business in this sector are and it is our intention to help them always be ready to respond to market needs. We provide qualified teams to improve your business.

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The public looking for information on a tourism activity is among those whose public is looking for as much information as possible. For this there must be content that can answer all the specific questions that are usually asked. The use of keywords is essential for the performance of a web application. Our teams will be ready to analyze your business and the main competitors to draw up an SEO plan suitable for the objectives you want to achieve. We have been working for years with restaurateurs, tour operators and hoteliers and we know well what are the main things that those who belong to this sector are looking for.

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Creating content is a starting point that takes your application to a new level. The real challenge, however, lies in concentrating everything in a concrete result, or gaining positions in the SERPs. Even though many people today spend a considerable number of hours in front of their screens every day, the system that brings them to a specific site is complex. For this you need to have an optimized content so that the site can be attractive to the eyes not only of users, but also for the results within the search engines. Fertilyze is ready with its teams to support these needs.

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Nowadays, visitors have a big impact with their actions on websites. For example, they make a real statement not returning to poorly performing websites. For this reason, optimizing your digital experience is the key of everything. Fertilyze knows the Food and Tourism sector and has at its disposal technicians specially trained to deal with this sector. Not just performance and technicalities, but also concepts, keywords and targeting.

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