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We help government agencies to be more efficient and active towards citizens, making our teams’ skills available for effective, public-aware and searchable services. Our job is to enable you to provide highly accessible digital services that are of real help to users.

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Accessibility, first priority

Break down barriers

Especially with regard to government and civil services, it is essential to be ready to provide citizens with what they need. And above all, we must be ready to welcome all kinds of citizens. Everyone must be equally informed about services and details relating to civic life. Everyone must have the right to consult government sites.

For this reason, the teams that Fertilyze makes available are trained to put together all the possible techniques to break down the barriers defined by the WCAG 2 A, AA, AAA standards and allow all users to access the platforms.

Performances and contents

A full control on your platform’s speed and accuracy

When a citizen accesses a government portal he needs two simple things, namely speed and clarity. With our teams and our partners we are able to provide the services that allow you to offer users a high-performance and clear platform with its own contents. We will know how to put the right technicians at the project’s disposal to find the areas where the website is lacking and intervene to make it perform at its best.

Furthermore, we take care of making texts, paragraphs and contents in general suitable for consultation, using metadata, keywords and other techniques aimed at increasing the level of online searchability. With us, clarity is the first word, always.

Understand and optimize the digital citizen experience

User experience, enhanced

Your digital government experience is in the right hands, with Fertilyzer. We will help you improve your citizens’ digital journey, optimizing your content so users can find it in few clicks, and ensure your website loads fast from a single, easy-to-use platform.

We will take care of analyzing any feedback provided to us to put our team in the best position to help you. What we do is analyze the insights of your platforms, understand where our intervention is needed and plan our actions. You will always have to be ready to help your citizens, and we are here to help you do that.

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