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We work with many companies belonging to the technology branch, which are ready to get involved to reach new users and to offer them optimized, error-free and highly engaging content. Through a team of people who have been working with your industry for years, we will be able to give you what you need and beyond, to give a new face to your digital presentation.

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Today’s world is fast and immediate and we cannot afford to make mistakes. According to one statistic, for example, 88% of visitors do not return a second time to poorly performing websites. But where should you start when it comes to optimizing your visitors’ digital experience? Fertilyze provides a team that is precisely responsible for monitoring and increasing public engagement.

Our technicians will make sure that your website loads quickly, that it presents accessible and error-free content, in order to take the visitor experience to the highest level. We provide experts for the different areas of SEO, and we make sure that they work together to bring you to the goal, starting from your platform and improving it to make it ready to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

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To achieve final results that live up to your expectations, you will need to work in collaboration with the team we have assigned for your project. By providing useful information, you will ensure that they can optimize the investment of energy in interventions for your website, using organic tactics, all working from a single source of reliable data.

The team set up for you by Fertilyze will take care of this, with different figures acting on the growth of your digital identity, with the flexibility to scale as your business goals expand and change.

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The new laws on the subject have created a new awareness in consumers regarding best ethical business practices, compliance with regulations on accessibility and data privacy is now a must to protect your brand from reputational and financial damage.

The Fertilyze team takes care of everything related to WCAG 2 A, AA, AAA barriers and data privacy regulations by breaking down complex requirements into actionable activities. We are always attentive to these aspects that play a fundamental role in terms of SEO, positioning and searchability of an application, and we are convinced that they should not be taken lightly.

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