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We release SSL certificates, small data files that digitally associate a cryptographic key with the details of an organization.

The keys allow you to encrypt the communications between visitors and device with which they visit.

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Organization Validation Certificate

OV certificates confirm your identity to your website’s visitors and makes them sure that they are not on a fake website. In fact, an OV SSL certificate displays a small green lock and the HTTPS prefix in the browser bar, assuring visitors that they are on an encrypted site.

Extended Validation Certificate

The EV Certificates (Extended Validation Certificate) are the highest in terms of legitimacy. There are different types of this type of guarantee, their price varies both on the guaranteed insurance basis and on the type of insurance brand. We have chosen an EV Certificate degree based on the experience accumulated over time. If you wish to increase its effectiveness contact Fast LANE directly. An institution or organization that intends to encrypt their site with an SSL certificate must go through a global authentication process in which the company’s properties are registered.


From $770 to $2475

Choose to implement OV or EV certificate

Your web security it’s important for us. Remember: prevention is better than cure.

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