White hat

The right techniques to get your name higher and higher.

White hat, the fair use of hacking to boost your positioning.

White hat Seo is a name that represents the different techniques used to increase the ranking on all search engines in a legal way, without resorting to techniques that are not allowed or tending to spam.

How we work

Articles and paragraphs

A first example of White Hat SEO can be done by taking a cue from writing an article: if a content is written with user satisfaction and information in mind, then it is White SEO. Keywords become a tool that can be used to generate lasting value for the company, or to obtain an ephemeral result in terms of positioning, without satisfying a target but only hitting it unexpectedly.

A technique that rhymes with Quality

White Hat SEO must not only operate according to Google’s rules, but it must also possess some specific characteristics that denote its great quality. Writing properly and creating original content means doing White Hat SEO. And even in the case of branded content, the primary purpose for us is always user information. We will never create a nonsense or trivial article just to place an advertising link in the middle, it’s anything but White Hat SEO. By respecting the rules and favoring the qualitative aspect, you will always be rewarded by the search engines.

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